This is recipe that came from a neighbour that was originally called Bobotie. Although I am not entirely sure about that name. We have since renamed it Gorchaboff.



Saute the 1kg minced lamb and add 3-4 TBsps Major Grey mango chutney, salt and pepper (and broth?).

In another pan saute 2-3 chopped onions and 3-4 big apples (in pieces) in good amount of butter. Add 2 TBsps curry and then some lemon juice.

Take 7-8 slices (thick) bread. Take off crusts and dice. Add whipping cream and 3 beaten eggs, a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. Let steep to make a nice stuffing.

Grease a casserole and layer:

  1. Half of the meat
  2. Half of the apple onion mix
  3. Half of the green grapes
  4. Half of the stuffing
  5. 50g sliced almonds
  6. Repeat
  7. Heat in oven until nice and warm, about 40 minutes at 350°

    You can do this the day before and then put in fridge. I still haven't figured out how best to reheat it.