498 AY

June 4L'Trel explodes. Join the army. Prevent ship from exploding.
June 5Rats! Fight a fire in a house.
June 6Felicia and Cairn come down with disease. Go on sick leave
June 7Heat wave ends. Ricky becomes sick.
June 8Julie and Doc become sick.
June 9Become better. Night patrol. Ghouls and looters.
June 10Ricky sick again. Night patrol investigates Old Light. Meet Brodert Quink.
June 11Meet Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Assault ghouls in graveyard.
June 12Check out Ghoul tunnels in the night
June 13Second expedition to ghoul tunnels. Fight the leader.
June 14Recover from ghouls.
June 15Get cured of disease. Julie mugged. Fight with Nolan.
June 16Warehouse guarding. Goblin attack.
June 17Felicia leaves. Dynith joins. Go on uneventful patrol.
June 18Another patrol. Ameiko incident. Goblin bogeyman.
June 19Shalelu. Uneventful patrol.
June 20Glassworks goblins.
June 21Investigate Catacombs of Wrath.
June 22Finish investigating Catacombs. See fire preacher.
June 23Preparing for expedition to Thistletop.
June 24Travel to Thistletop. Attacked by druid.
June 25Assault Thistletop. Karn dies. Meet Tim. Go back to L'Trel.
June 26Catacombs of Wrath are attacked. Meet Marcus. Fight Nualia in L'Trel
June 27Back to Thistletop. Fight shadows. Rest. Fight Nualia and bhargest.
June 28Travel back to L'Trel.
June 29 - July 13Routine maintenance.
July 13Encounter slavers posing as military.
July 14Judgement of slavers. Investigate murder.
July 15Travel to the sanitarium. Magical talking bear prostitutes. Zombies in the basement. Meet fey princess.
July 16Play cards with princess. Kill ghoul lord. Get cursed by princess. Go back to town. Setup getting cured of maladies.
July 17Investigate sunken boat. Nolan returns from investigating farms. Sell loot.
July 18Check out clocktower. Attacked by flesh golem. Attacked by chain beings and flee. Guard tower to prevent escapes.
July 19Kill chain outsiders. Attacked by snake woman. Flee. Guard tower to prevent escapes.
July 20Kill snake woman. Julie receives medallion
July 21Meet sick child. Check river.
July 22Go river diving.
July 30Help Ishani to army. Meet Dr. Davalus. Investigate "cure" and party.
August 1Alchemist Tacoata disproves cure. Arrest Vendra Laoggri.
August 3Asked to look for Ruan at party. Filled with zombies now. Capture Jolistina.
August 4Question Jolistina. Investigate Hospice. Battle temple of Urgotha.
August 5Clear remaining monster from temple.
August 12Attempt to clear Rat Alley. Rats are killed, doesn't solve the problem.
August 18Celebration for Captain Nolan discovering cause of explosion.
September 5Released from service, but hired to investigate Fort Rannick.
September 15Discover zombies in Rousillion.
September 16Discover source of zombies in Rousillion. Deal with it.
September 17Leave for Sundown. Encounter fake village of house-sized mimics.
September 18Arrive at Sundown. Zombie encounter in the middle of the night.
September 19Meet Betty. Do investigations. Turn a stone into a man. Test the chalice.
September 20Introduce Tim to his family.
September 21Harvest of seeds. Battle the beast.
September 22Travel to Brahim
September 23Travel to Pendaka
September 24Take ferry to Turtleback Ferry.
September 25Head to Fort Rannick. Meet the Grauls. Recover
September 26Liberate Fort Rannick.
September 27Rescue Turtleback Ferry from flooding.
September 28Investigate Skull's Crossing.
September 30Rest and recuperate
September 30Off to the Shimmerglens. Return.
October 1Recuperate. Meet rangers who want to assault Hook Mountain.
October 2Restock at Fort Rannick. Climb up to Hook Mountain, begin assault.
October 3Leave Hook mountain for Rannick. Reincarnate Lamater.
October 4Travel to Ilsurian by Phantom Steed.
October 5Leave Ilsurian for L'trel
October 6Encounter hostile stone giants. Shrunken at wayhouse
October 7Explore wayhouse. Rescue halflings.
October 8Discover sphere. Try to talk to Cat
October 9Destroy sphere. Send half of party to L'Trel to warn of imminent attack
October 10Escort half of halfling to safety
October 11Escort other half of halfling to safety
October 12Travel to L'trel. Do maintenance work.
October 13Giants attack. Giant questioned
October 14Get prepared to follow the giants
October 15 - 18Travel to Storval Stairs
October 18Battle giants on the Storval stairs
October 19Encounter giant scouting party. Kill them.
October 21Come to Valley of the Jorgenfist, begin attacking
October 22Hole up in crypts of black tower to recover.
October 23Continue assault on Jorgenfist. Rest in Lamia lair overnight
October 24Descend to the lower level of Jorgenfist. Eventually defeat Mokmurian
October 25 - November 1Research Karzoug, Xin Shalast, and learn Thassilonian
November 2 - 5Travel to L'Trel
November 6Enter sinkhole. Into Shrine of Molag Bel. Defeat the Scribbler
November 14Julie leaves for Sinaga.

499 AY

January 6thHelp Baron deal with weirdos from another campaign.
February 14thJulie returns from Sinaga.
February 1st - 15thLead expedition of scholars to Library of Thassilon
March 1stLeave for the Runeforge
March 4thArrive at Lake Stormunder
March 5thInvestigate Sihedron Circle. Avoid dragon. Enter the Runeforge. Enter Lust. Enter Pride.
March 6thRecover from Pride's disaster. Rest in Pride, reading journal.
March 7thEnter Wrath
March 8thLeave Wrath. Check out Envy and Greed. Party devastated by Silver man
March 9thLeave Runeforge and travel to Brinewall
March 11thArrive in Brinewall
March 12thPurchase supplies
March 13thLeave Brinewall
March 15thArrive outside Runeforge
March 16thEnter Runeforge. Continue exploring Greed. Read in the library
March 17thInvestigate Gluttony
March 18thCreate Runeforge weapons
March 19thLeave Runeforge
March 22ndReturn to L'Trel
March 23-28Research Xin-Shalast
March 29Leave for Kazaron river
April 2Arrive at headwaters of Kazaron river
April 3-5Follow Kazaron river
April 4Discover Vekker cabin
April 5Travel to Karivek's body. Battles Wendigo. Hunker down.
April 6Travel after midnight back to Vekker cabin. Find mouth of the River Avah
April 7Travel Fens of the Icemist. Meet Azreil. Stock up in Major Port. Overnight in comfort.
April 8Shopping
April 9Back to Fens of the Icemist. Meet Svevenka. Discover route.
April 10Discover Xin-Shalast. Shelter in Yeti cave
April 11Battle the Hidden Beast
April 12Fought blob monster
April 13Climb stairs. Fight Spiders of Leng. Fight Frost Giants. Meet Occlusion field
April 14Fight Lamias and ambush two Denizens of Leng. Fight Horror Beast. Ambushed leaving. Teleport to Major Port
April 15-22Azreil makes magic. Others go shopping.
April 23Travel back to Xin-Shalast. Fight at top of the pinnacle.
October 3
October 3