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L'Trel is the capital of Southern Archstedt. It is run by a city council, but they ultimately answer to Baron X'Celsiah. It is a sprawling coastal city on the Reach river. It is the start of the overmountain highway that leads to Stadoric. It is a fairly old city, and many of the buildings are made of stone. It still has to deal with pirate attacks from the Shattered Lands, and there are slavers to deal with as well. The Archstedt army has a significant presence here and is admired by the locals.


A relatively peaceful town, devoid of many of the dangers of a true frontier town and intrigues of a sprawling city, L'Trel has nonetheless had its share of troubles. The fading scars of a recent terror still linger, a time most folk refer to as the Late Unpleasantness. Just over five years ago, a madman stalked the streets, killing dozens. Known as Chopper, the killer’s month-long terror ended bloodily when an eccentric local artisan was revealed as the murderer and killed during his attempted capture. Adding to the pain, less than a month later the local chapel burned to the ground in a conflagration that nearly consumed the town’s northern half and left the local priest dead.

More recently, during a heat wave, an explosion happened on the top of B'Kon hill. This rained burning debris, causing fires all over town. This fires ran out of control for three days. The army invoked martial law and they have been running the place ever since.


494 AY-The Late Unpleasantness: A madman stalked the streets of L'Trel, killing dozens. Known as Chopper, the killer’s month-long terror ended bloodily when an eccentric local artisan was revealed as the murderer and killed during his attempted capture. Adding to the pain, less than a month later the local chapel burned to the ground in a conflagration that nearly consumed the town’s northern half and left the local priest and his daughter dead.

499 AY, June 4-Explosion in L'Trel: An explosion happens on a hill overlooking L'Trel causing a rain of fire that burns a great portion of the city. This brings together a group of people who join the military.

Locations in L'Trel

Boltzson's Brewery- This brewery is well thought of throughout the town, and is source of local pride. It is owned and operated by the dwarf, Kristov Boltzson.

Chopper's Isle- Inaccessible island, previously home to the murderer known as Chopper.

The Dog and Partridge- This well-to-do establishment is a good place for people from out of town to stay at. This place was destroyed in the fire. Nothing is left except some charred support timbers.

Ember's Bakery- A fairly successful bakery in town. Run by a human name Atrel Embers. Was destroyed in the fire.

Glassworks- The Kaijitsu family are well known for the quality of the glass that they produce here.

Halley's Seat- This is the highest point in L'Trel. The army headquarters and main garrison are located in a tight cluster of stone buildings on the top. Expensive homes and estates line the hill's lower slopes, and its neighbour, B'Kon hill

Junk Beach- Beach below the cliffs next to Old Light. Accumulates garbage. Goblins have been spotted here.

Junker's Edge- Cliff next to Old Light. Below is Junker's Beach. Garbage is dumped from here for the sea to take away.

Old Light- This is a lighthouse of ancient origins that lies in ruins.

Rat Alley- A street in L'Trel that seems to be infested with rats. It is not a happy place.

Riverside District- This is where the city's famous shipyards are located. Most of the city's warehouses are located in this district.

Rovanky Tannery- The tannery is run by Larz Rovanky and his partner Banny Harker, situated at the edge of town, next to the innermost bridge and across from a swamp.

Rusty Dragon- An inn that survived the fire. Run by Ameiko Kaijitsu. Serves spicy and exotic food. She tried to be a tomb raider. It didn't go well.

The Tower of Kumashar- This is a tall tower that acts as a lighthouse during the night, but is a clock tower during the day. It's clockworks are considered one of the most impressive of modern times. It does not compare to the Great Clock in the Tower of the Imperial War Academy of Deloarais, but the knowledge of the construction of that clock has been lost in time.

Wharfside District- This section of L'Trel is dangerous at the best of times. The housing here is poor, and the thieves' guild has a firm grip on the local population.

Wicked Man's Bluff- This bluff is located at the mouth of the Reach River and is barren rock. The cliffs are sheer and dangerous for climbing. The local authorities have made proposals to build a fortress atop this bluff—one large enough to house an entire garrison and fend off pirate attacks.

Citizens of L'Trel

Ameiko Kaijitsu: The daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Runs the Rusty Dragon, a popular bar for the military. Has recently become the newest noble in L'Trel.

Arwe: A notorious jewelry thief. Captured by the army in the middle of a robbery.

Banny Harker: A penny-pinching businessman who runs the tannery. Killed while have an affair with Katrine Vinder.

Blaise: Well-to-do woman rescued from a burning house by Julie and a bard.

Brienna Soldado: Your child that was saved from the plague.

Brodert Quink: Balding old man with theories that Old Light didn't used to be a lighthouse. Knowledgeable about the ancient Thassilonian empire. He spent two decades of his youth studying with dwarves engineers at Jangerhoff and three decades as a cataloger at the Founder's Archive in Magnimar.

Carowyn, Ausio and Olauren: Idle rich who relish the limelight. No scene is too garish.

Deyanira Mirukova: Sister to Ruan.

Ezakien Tobyn: The previous religious leader in L'Trel. Died in a fire that burnt down the old cathedral. It was presumed that his adopted daughter Nualia also died.

Ironbriar, Justice: Elf raised by humans. Fire and Brimstone justice who sentenced slavers.

Ishani: Priest of Sivis.

Jaren Basvear: Member of the fire-fighting crew. Has nagging cough.

Jolistina Susperio: Crazy person who likes zombies and has been helping spread plague.

Kara: Accomplice of Arwe. Captured by the army while robbing a jewelry store. Nearly died while being apprehended.

Katrine Vinder: Daughter of Ven Vinder. Was having an affair with Banny Harker. Killed at the same time he was.

Kerga: Halfling who nearly died on a runaway horse.

Larz Rovanky: Runs the tannery

L'Roi, Second Lieutenant: Recently promoted in the Archstedt army during the crisis in L'Trel. In charge of several units under his command.

Lonjiku Kaijitsu: Owner of the L'Trel Glassworks, a prosperous business. His family has come from Sinaga, having left a century ago. He was born in Magnimar. He has a short temper. His "son" is Tsuto, a half-elf. His daughter, Ameiko, has opened up the Rusty Dragon inn, in his terms a tavern and flophouse.

He was killed by his son Tsuto with the help of goblins.

M'Tilda: Mother of a small baby who was rescued by Dr. Archibald when she was trapped by flames in her upper-story home.

Maver Kesk: Owner of jewelry store.

Naffer Vosk: Caretaker of the graveyard, keeping it meticulously clean. He has a twisted spine that gives him a sinister, lurching gait.

Nualia Tobyn: Adopted daughter of Ezakien Tobyn.

Pitar Kratys: Vegetable seller who was a victim of a mob attack.

Reiner Davalus, Doctor: Doctor from Magnimar who has come to help combat the plague.

Ruan: Halfling performer.

Scharfe: Accomplice of Arwe. Captured by the army while robbing a jewelry store.

Shalelu Andosana: Unofficial member of L'Trel's town guard. She is a mix of bounty hunter, survivalist and a mercenary. She stays in the hinterlands and reports what is happening there to the authorities.

Shayliss Vinder: Daughter of Ven Vinder. Tried to get some personal time with Dynith.

Slash: Accomplice of Arwe. Captured by the army while robbing a jewelry store.

Tacota: Alchemist in L'Trel. Doing work for Nolan.

Tarran, Captain: Captain in the army, assigned to oversee "Team Lightning" once they are made troubleshooters.

Titus Scarnetti: Head of the Scarnetti family. The Scarnetti family is known to have many criminal connections. They were one of the investors in the tannery.

Tsuto Kaijitsu: The half-elf son of Lonjiku's wife. He fell in with Nualia and goblins. He killed his father before he was killed himself.

Ven Vinder: Owner of a general store in town.

Vendra Laoggri: Perfumist who was making money selling a fake cure.

X'Celsiah Mia: She is the Baron of L'Trel and much of the Hidden Coast. Known for breeding great horses.

Valley of the Black Tower

Named for the ominous spiked edifice that stood as a lone sentinel over the valley’s riverside boundary, this region has long been viewed as taboo by the stone giant tribes that dwell in and around the Iron Peaks. Their tales speak of how the magic of the Ancient Lords still functions within the Black Tower, and how one of the Ancient Lords’ minions still “Lives” beyond death inside.

Black Tower, The

This tower is not like the others that comprise the Jorgenfist—its architectural style is far more intricate and ancient in appearance, bearing similarities to many of the other ancient monuments that dot the Archstedt landscape. Made of black stone and decorated with gargoyles, the tower’s walls are streaked with thick lichens and moss. it soars twice as high as the other towers, its facade effectively dominating the view.

Within was found the “Black Monk”, an undead being tightly bound in linens, who floated supernaturally. He held in his arms The Scrolls of the Black Monk. He continually muttered in a repeating phrase in an ancient language.

Chamber of the Sihedron

This immense hall is an unexpected break from the rough stone walls of caverns and caves. The rectangular chamber is fifty feet wide and a hundred feet long, with rib-like spines arching up to a vaulted ceiling fifty feet overhead. The room’s floor is loose soil, while the wall opposite the doors is carved with an immense bas-relief of a seven-pointed star. Throughout the room, seven fifteen-foot-tall tree trunks have been driven into the ground like immense stakes, their sides carved with countless more stars. Each trunk has been fitted with an iron ring from which dangle chains affixed to manacles. next to each trunk stands an iron brazier filled with smouldering coals. a long branding iron, its tip also featuring the seven-pointed star, leans against each brazier.


Within the Valley of the Black Tower stands a ring-shaped stone wall, fifty feet in height and surrounding several buildings, the most impressive of which is a looming black tower with blade-like crenellations that overlooks the river gorge. Within the ring, a one-hundred- fifty-foot-tall stone spire rises, surrounded by three low buildings. Apart from the black tower, five smaller towers are built into the fortress wall—one of these towers is wider than the others and seems to be the only gateway into the courtyard within.

Conna: Conna is a stone giant elder. She is peaceful and wants Mokmurian dead.

Mokmurian: Mokmurian is the leader of the Stone Giants in Jorgenfist.

Library of Thassilon

Numerous glowing crystal lanterns hang on fine chains from the domed ceiling sixty feet above, filling this circular room with bright light. The walls of the room are carved with more runes and sigils, while over-stuffed wood and leather chairs and polished oak tables surround a thirty-foot-wide shaft in the floor.

The central shaft contains the library’s holdings. The walls of the shaft, 30 feet wide and 50 feet deep, consist of shelf after shelf of books, scrolls, tablets, and other means of storing information. All of these books are written in Thassilonian, and thanks to the chamber’s preservative effects, all are in excellent condition. The subjects cover all facets of Thassilonian life—this chamber represents perhaps the single greatest repository of lore from this nearly forgotten age in all of Gradallia, and as such, if its existence were made public, it would become a magnet for scholars from around the world. There are no ladders or stairs provided for those who wish to peruse the stacks—the wizard-monks used flight and levitation to sort the holdings and saw no need to make their collection easier for lesser folk to examine.

One remnant from Thassilon remains alive in this chamber—a curious clockwork creature built by the wizard- monks to serve as a caretaker, sorter, and assistant for those who wished to use the library.


The hall ends at an immense bronze double door that bears a huge mirror-like silver inlay of the ubiquitous seven-pointed star. This bronze double door has no obvious hinges, handles, or locks, save for a single tiny star-shaped indention at the centre of the larger mirrored star.

The Spire

White streaks cover the sides of this stone spire and the surrounding ground, thick as paint. among these immense bird droppings are splintered elk bones and scraps of hide. The spire rises to a needle point one hundred and fifty feet above, but at a height of fifty feet an opening in the northern face allows access to a round chamber within which has been built an enormous nest.


The Runeforge

This domed chamber is easily a hundred feet across. A large pool of bubbling prismatic liquid occupies the center of a raised dais in the center of the chamber. The spiky flanges of the seven-pointed Sihedron are engraved into the marble floor. Each tip of the enormous rune points at a twenty-five-foot-tall statue facing the pool with its back approximately ten feet from the wall behind it. The two statues nearest the entrance partially conceal arched openings in the wall directly behind them. Each statue depicts a di erent gure, but all are imperious and nely detailed.

The Statues

There are a total of seven statues

Karzoug: A towering man with gems set in his forehead and hands, dressed in robes and wielding a burning glaive.

Krune: A short smiling man with a hooked nose and beady eyes, dressed in robes and wielding a spear.

Belimarius: A heavyset woman with a sneering visage and an imperious stance, dressed in a flowing dress and wielding a halberd.

Sorshen: A voluptuous woman with a seductive look, large eyes, and long flowing hair; this statue is nude and wields a double- headed guisarme.

Xanderghul: A strikingly handsome man with a close-cropped beard and a charming expression, dressed in extravagant clothes and wielding a lucerne hammer.

Alaznist: A gothic beauty with wild hair and a somewhat insane expression, this woman wears a long flowing dress and wields a thorny ranseur.

Zutha: An obese man, his flesh rotten in places so that the bones show through, wearing a ragged robe and wielding a scythe.

The Halls of Wrath

Hall of Testing

A wide avenue anked by crimson stone pillars runs down the center of this chamber—the ceiling arches sixty feet above and seems to be made of fire. At the center of the room, a huge seven-pointed star made of silver is engraved into the floor and surrounded by a circle of low-burning flames.

The Sihedron Rune in the middle of the room is an immense portal, the master circle. It has two functions.

Calling: Once per day, the master circle can be commanded to call a single creature, functioning as a planar binding spell (CL 15th)—only one called outsider may be active at a time via this effect.

Travel: If any teleportation effect is used while the caster is standing within the circle, the teleportation energy is instead absorbed by the master circle, which then opens a gate to the center of the Sihedron Circle on the lower slopes of Rimeskull. The gate is a two-way portal, and remains open for one hour before closing.

Highlady Athroxis: A very angry fighting wizard. Had the Mark of Wrath. Attempted to have carnal relations with Krusk. Deceased.

The Iron Cages of Lust

Cathedral of Seduction

This grand cathedral can be called nothing less than opulent. The floor is covered in polished red and white tiles. Thick pillars carved into the likenesses of nude women with long flowing hair circle the room and support a ninety-foot-high domed ceiling, where a gargantuan mural depicts men and women engaged in all manner of carnal acts. Numerous plain ten-foot-by-ten-foot cubes line the outer ring of the cathedral, while at its center stands a pavilion of opaque silk sheets. Near the walls of the cathedral stand several delicate-looking cages, their sides more decorative than practical. Some of them contain what appear to be long-dead bodies, although one body in a cage in the chamber’s northern corner seems to be clinging to life.

Eryalla: An alu-demon daughter of Delvahine. Not as smart as the others.

Delvahine: The succubus in control of the Iron Cages. She has had relations with Vraxeris in the past.

Mr. Mutt: A Thassilonian soldier. He was previously a commander in Sorshen's army.

Lelyrin: An alu-demon daughter of Delvahine.

Voivod: An alu-demon daughter of Delvahine. Deceased.

Zevashala: An alu-demon daughter of Delvahine.

The Ravenous Crypts

Infusion Chamber

The walls of this room have been plated in iron, each plate of which bears a single rune—the upside down hooked “U” shape. What appears ti ve twi ten-foot-tall smooth crystal pylons stand in the middle of the room. A rippling curtain of blackness shimmers between these crystals. On the opposite side of each crystal, strange tendrils of black energy—reverse lightning crackling in extreme slow-motion—extend out from the crystals into spheres of roiling blackness in circular caverns to the left and right of the entrance. The air in the room is shockingly cold.

The Shimmering Veils

The Peacock Shrine

An immense cathedral of polished ivory flagstones. Mirrored walls rise to a height of nearly a hundred feet, where the vaulted ceiling arches majestically. four immense chandeliers hang from golden chains and brightly illuminate the entire room. At the center of the cathedral, a four-step dais of polished wood supports a peacock the size of a wyvern, its feathers spread regally behind it. The creature’s eyes seem to hold a great depth of wisdom and intelligence.

Meditation Room

Bookcases full of tomes and scrolls line its walls and a reading table with several matching chairs sits atop a thick rug in its center. A peacock made of gold sits on the table, holding a single stick of incense cleverly positioned in its tail feathers. A heavy wooden door exits the room through the wall to the northwest. A figure lies slumped in the chair in the far corner—the body of a man wearing rich robes and a cloak made of peacock feathers. An elegant mirror is clutched in his hand, and a book and quill sit on the table before him.

This room is filled with religious essays on the subject of the Peacock Spirit, one of the more popular faiths during Thassilon’s height. Unfortunately, the books kept here are maddeningly vague and coy in revealing actual details about the Peacock Spirit, made all the worse by the large volume of material at hand

Vraxeris: The wizard formerly in control of the Shimmering Veils. He kept alive over the millennia through a series of clones, using a more powerful version of the common spell. Unfortunately he had a hereditary disease that eventually caught up with him, leaving a good looking corpse.

Vault of Greed

Pool of Elemental Arcana

Silver beams support a domed ceiling covered in polished darkwood panels inlaid with spiky glyphs. Most of the chamber’s floor ripples in an immense, forty-foot-diameter pool of deep blue liquid. Flashes of lightning and gouts of flame dance along its surface, punctuated by thunderclaps, hisses, and cacophonous shrieks. Vague shapes writhe and twist in the currents below the pool’s surface.

The waters of the pool are infused with raw magic, and could possibly be used to repair or recharge magic items.

Ordikon: A wizard made of mithral. Deceased.

Zuvuzeg: A nalfeshnee demon. He is confined to the Hall of Golden Repose due to a binding spell placed on him by Izomandakus, now dead. The wording of the particular binding spell that keeps him here was constructed such that Zuvuzeg would escape the term of his permanent servitude only after he successfully made Izomandakus laugh, cry, shriek, and cheer by using nothing more than the power of his storytelling ability. Over the years, Zuvuzeg had finished three of these tasks with jokes, parables, and tales, but had yet to manage to make the stoic transmuter shriek. He will now never be able to escape its servitude except via death.