Appendix 1: Characters

Timothy Schmidt

Doctor Archibald Olander

Dynyth Draith

He has no memory of his past, or his real name. He is a tall and slender young man with a knack for magic. Though clumsy and lethargic at times, he makes up for it with his dependability.

Julie Embers

Azreil Muhhmad Duhran Junaphire

Known Alias: Azreil Ravenhair

Azreil is a short Half-Elf, whose piercing green eyes are offset by pale skin and black feathers for hair. Outdoors Azreil will always wear a ghutra (traditional headdress) which he will wrap around his face so that only the eyes are visible.

Otherwise Azreil is honest, outgoing and speaks his mind. Is loyal to his friends but is distrustful of new people. Azreil is form the Majuur desert but also has spent time in Alfhiem.

Finlarethel D’Lioshand

Finlarethel likes to create an air of mystery around himself by not discussing his past when questioned about it. However, he frequently lets slip unsolicited details of his mundane origins. It's known that he is from Alfheim, and is disdainful of civilization. He claims to be a descendant of the great Elven hero, Lioshand. He has a tattoo of a yin-yang on his left upper arm, and his father was allegedly killed by undead. For the last few years he has made his meager living by collecting the orc bounty in Dagger Rock.




Shaylayna is 5’5", has red hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She sports a fashionable cleric robe that is red with black trim.

She grew up in Raensia, where she has lived until becoming a member of the Burning Brazier order. Historically her grandparents migrated from the Majuur desert.

She has been a worshipper of Imix since a child. She was an active leader in the Manciples youth group, and became a cleric as soon as she was able. She spent several years working at a cleric at local churches, and more recently became a member of the Burning Braziers. The Burning Braziers are a missionary arm of Imix.

Shaylayna is an only child. Both her parents are clerics of Imix, her father is an elder manciple, her mother was a high manciple of the Goodwives order but is now retired.

The ability to have 3 summoned mephits is a privelege which has been granted her by the great god Imix. They provide Shaylayna with constant compaionship as well as performing various duties. They like to spend down time relaxing in the heart of a nice warm fire.

As a cleric of Imix, Shaylayna is very fond of fire, heat and warmth. For the most part she respects the opinions and beliefs of others (as misguided as they may be), but at no time will she associate with water creatures or any worshippers of Olhydra.


Tarafaniel Nailo grew up in the town of Beladros.  There she studied arcane magic and religion.  Her parents were diplomats who travelled all around Alfheim and Archstedt.  They were killed during negociations when Tara was young.

Soon after the death of her parents, Tara innate magical abilities began to form.  She embrased her new powers, despite the objections of the wizards and clerics.

Tara took to adventuring to learn more about her power and it's origins.  She spent some time with travelling caravans before an unfortunate incident led to her current forced association with the Council of Mages.  She was teleported into Dagger Rock and told to join the party to find the Shadow Gems.

Tara's physical appearance has changed considerably due to a recent meeting with a dragon and subsequent reincarnation.  She stands tall, for an elf, at 5'5".  She has a slim, but curvy, build.  Her skin is quite pale, her hair is white with silver streaks and her eyes shimmer with a pale blue colour.

Tara is quite beautiful, but tends to not use it much.  She has been known to occasionally manipulate people to get her way. Tara has also become quite reliant on her magic, even though she still doesn't fully understand it.